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What size fuse does slime portable air compressor

Be able to get back on the road when a tire goes flat with the Slime Rugged Digital Tire Inflator Simply set a desired pressure on the display, turn on the inflator, and walk away for a super easy solution.

The user can't go wrong with the automotive tire inflator, which is powerful, compact and built to last. It features impressive characteristics, such as rugged rubber housing, an easy-to-read digital display and bright LED light to make use a breeze. The 2' hose gives ample room to get just the right angle in tough-to-reach spots. It even has multi-purpose air adapters for rafts, balls and other inflatables for added versatility.

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This item is gift eligible Learn more.Forgot your password? Started by webfoot44October 1. I've seen older cars with air that was turned into air compressor that could blow up tires really fast. If your looking for a cigarette 12v harbor freight has a few options.

I also have one of their jump packs which has a compressor too. I used California Air Tools compressor for running pneumatic equipment in my office, v AC, very quiet. For smaller tires like snow blower or bicycles great.

what size fuse does slime portable air compressor

A complete auto flat zerolb is much slower. I've had a year and a half maybe, keep it in the truck incase of emergency. They had more room under the hood years ago. This way, you can just use one hose for everything. You need to register here in order to participate. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! By cheech Started 20 hours ago. By Tfisher Started January 23, By Ebbtide Started May 26, By Nery Started May By jsbergen Started October 3, By UncleJohn Started October 1.

By pilotman Started October 3. By The Riddler Started 8 hours ago.Lightning knocked out my computer so I will try this again. I found a broken Campbell-Hausfield 12V air compressor while riding a motorcycle in the desert.

I am financially impaired so when I find something, I take it home and try to fix it. I have been using this compressor for years, now. About 7 and have used it for everything from patching and filling tubes to seating beads on my motorcycle. It is getting a little worn out, requiring a shot of oil to get up to 40 PSI.

God provides-I just received a broken "Maxx Power" air compressor! I will show you the basic steps needed to get one going again. If I had the ability to buy a Good new one I would! But they can last. In the second picture I say to oil the bearings-wait until you remove the motor.

Inside is a very simple mechanical assembly. A motor turns a gear that is connected to a crankshaft. The crankshaft is supported by two bushings, and has a shaft that is connected to the connecting rod. The connecting rod is connected to the piston, which moves up and down in a polished metal cylinder. While the piston is traveling down, a one-way reed valve allows air to be drawn in through a small hole on top of the cylinder head.

While the piston is traveling upwards, the pressure closes the one-way reed valve, and pressure builds up until it is pushed through the one-way valve that is connected to the gauge, and output barb, travelling to the chuck.

All of the pictures I took were after I spent several minutes blowing out the caked-on dust inside and outside of the pump. There was so much dust it had clumped up into dust chunks the size of popcorn. It was filthy. I didn't even try to turn it on in that condition. It would have worn itself just by running for a few seconds. Sounds complicated and hard to fix, but it is as easy as taking it apart and turning the gears by hand while the unit is unplugged.

The motor has enough torque to tear your finger open, so make sure it in unplugged. Then, plug it in and it will suddenly work. This is because you forced the commutator to grind the dust away from the brushes and created a new electrical connection.

This particular pump has 3 cylinder head screws. Most inexpensive pumps only have 2, and some don't even have the cooling fins on the cylinder head. Right away I could tell this was a good pump. Unfortunately, this design would not allow me to simply pop the large driven gear off. I had to pull the crankshaft out, then slide the gear out. I accomplished this by putting 2 flathead screwdrivers under the large driven gear, while I pried on the crankshaft with another screwdriver, until the crankshaft popped out.

The greasing of many of your tools will make them last nearly forever, especially right after you buy them. I grease all of my angle grinders when I buy them, and they last a long time.Home New Posts Remove Ads!

Forums New posts Unanswered threads. What's new New posts Latest activity. Remove Ads! Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Unanswered threads. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Fuse For Slime Pump. Thread starter jigman Start date May 18, I have a slime pump and three power cords.

I was using the pump on my tractor and when I attached the clips to the battery the switch was on and the fuse blew.

what size fuse does slime portable air compressor

No problem I got a fuse out of one of the other power cords. The fuse that blew was 3amp and the two others were 7. I know for me I dont want a 3 amp fuse in there. But what should it be? Joined Apr 7, Messages Location Tacoma, wa. Last edited: May 18, Theres no info on the pump which is an air compressor and I dont have the instructions. The 3 amp fuse blew instantly. I dont really know which power cord came with the pump so I dont know the fuse rating from the manufacturer.

All I know is I dont want a 3 amp fuse in there My Slime pump does fine when plugged into the Battery Tender pigtail and its 3 amp fuse. I have one of those too and that where the power cord must have come from. But what fuse is in the power cord that comes with the slime pump? The pumps cord is not fused. Byron Moderator. Search is your friend, here is a link. Short answer is 15A, from Slime. Now I'm confused too. DeanR said:. Byron said:.

what size fuse does slime portable air compressor

The thing that I don't get with the slime. Maybe lawyer speak? For topping off that's probably ok but fixing a flat I'd run the bike. I run a pigtail from the battery to under the rear seat to charge video camera batteries, battery tender SAE, etc. The slime compressor will blow a 3A fuse every time but always runs reliably on a 10A fuse. I haven't taken the time to test a 7.What people may not realize is that a tire inflator can be a life saver.

Yes, minutes. So, how do you know which is the best tire inflator and which one you should consider buying. Slime Volt Digital Tire Inflator. When it comes to choosing the best tire inflator, you will want to take these things into consideration before making a purchase:. They have dedicated themselves to creating tires that are going to be safe to use, not just for the user but for the environment as well. Of these reviews, customers said they appreciated how affordable this air compressor is when compared to other compressors on the market.

One customer even said that this air compressor had all the features they were looking for and half the price of more expensive air compressors. Customers have also said that they found the digital pressure gauge to be relatively accuratewith it being within 2 PSI of a manual gauge. When it comes to tires for your vehicles, Goodyear is a well-known and highly trusted brand. It would make sense that Goodyear is would be considered one of the best air compressors for tires! Of these reviews, customers said they were very pleased by easy and quickly this air compressor was able to inflate their car tires.

Customers felt that the attached nozzle was able to create a tight seal on the tire valve. They particularly enjoy the length of cord and hose made the unit capable of reaching all the tires on the car with no problems. This small, but powerful air compressor is able to accommodate multiple needs and it can fit in the trunk of your car without taking up too much precious cargo space.

Fixing a slime tire inflator.

Of these reviews, customers said that they were impressed by how quickly the compressor was able to fill a tire. Viair is a company that specializes in air compressors and air accessories for all types of vehicles.

This particular model is the successor to the widely popular 70P model. Of these reviews, customers said they were impressed they were by the speed at which the air compressor was able to fill their car tires. Customers liked that you can see the quality of the materials and construction of the unit and felt that the unit overall was made well.

Another complaint a couple customers had was in regards to the plug. They said that the plug can be damaged easily. When you have a P.

Of these reviews, customers said the compressor is able to fill their tire quickly and it was incredibly easy to use. They felt the cord from the device to the plug and the length of the hose is more than enough to be able to reach all four tires with ease. But, not only can use it to fill bike tires, trailer tires, and even pickup truck tires with ease. Of these reviews, customers said the air pump worked wonderfully. They liked that it could be used in the house or in the car which adds to its versatility.

Customers also like that this device has an automatic shut off function so they never have to worry about over inflating a tire.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread: Portable tire inflater and blown fuse! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Portable tire inflater and blown fuse! Hello, I bought a 'Slime' patch kit and portable tire inflater some time ago. No flat, but low tire pressure after riding in some incredible high heat.

Slime Rugged Digital Tire Inflator Inflate Right - 40047

Anyways, thought perfect time to break it out and put some air in the tires. I had done the 5 amp fuse change where the cigarette adapter in the trunk is hot even when key turned off. Anyhow, compressor worked for just a few seconds and then boom, blown fuse. Two questions for all the knowledgeable folks out there.

Any recommendations on a different compressor that won't blow? Any recommendations on other changes you can do to prevent the blown fuse? Thanks in advance! The picture doesn't show the cigarette plug for back trunk, but mine came with one plus the other two shown in the picture.

Originally Posted by granpa in Cincy. Originally Posted by martiniman. I got a Harley inflator and run it off of the battery tender plug on the bike.

It is fused direct to the battery. It seems to work well the few times I have needed it. Originally Posted by jwulf I think that the fuse was simply doing it's job Last edited by Bob Denman; at PM. According to the answered questions on Amazon: This pump requires a 15 AMP circuit on your motorcycle.Hi Norbert, I enjoyed your tip, as I am interested in buying a portable tire inflator and many this is a classic run-on sentence which the nun I had as my fourth grade teacher would strongly disapprove of Thank you so much for your help.

Sincerely, Bill Carney Massachusetts. Here's a link to an Amazon product that will work. It will clamp directly to your car battery and therefore the fuse in the tire inflator should blow -- not any fuses in your car. I'll try to post a photo of this in a more recent blog entry. Hi Norbert, I have a dodge Ram that blew both the cig lighter and aux plugs, and today my Nephew's Nissan Titan did the same thing, so we each had to peplace two fuse's Thank's for the top, I'll have to look one of those adapter's.

Thank's, Rita. I think this is the first time I've searched for something on the net and actually found a real solution! I have a Slime pump - it works great "except" it blows fuses. Not what you want went it's 20 below zero in the middle of the woods Your advise was like a big light bulb - perfect I know it'll work as advertised. Norbert - Norbert - Norbert Wish I was an underwater photographer.

Thanks, George London Troy, Maine. If you have a 12 volt, you are good to go with this tire inflator. Count on an inflation speed of 1. All pc errors Thanks. The guide will explain all the key features and the things you should consider.

How to Fix Your 12v Air Compressor

Furthermore, we have also added the portable tire inflator reviews to help you make a better purchase. Post a Comment. OK, this post is a bit off-topic, but here goes. Hopefully this might help out folks who have had the same problem. Posted by Norbert Wu at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.