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Simcity buildit max population layout

Hi, I recently built a 1. If you build enough fire stations off site, fire will never be a problem. I had 30 helicopters flying to my city. With no commercial, there is no crime, and no need for police precincts. It's a waste of money and space.

Since there is no crime, there is no need for schools. It's a waste of space. One fully upgraded hospital including the addons from the university will be enough to handle almost all injuries and sickness. With no commercial there is no traffic. The trucks will not have a problem taking care of the trash. Even post update 6.

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I zone industrial in the surrounding cities, and all freight is imported. I zone commercial on the left and right edges of the map, and upgrade those to high density immediately. Your layout has too many roads in my opinion. As traffic is not an issue, I use as few roads as possible in order to get the maximum amount of space. Anyway, I like your guide, and hope my tips help.

Hey thanks.

simcity buildit max population layout

High Population Guide. Self-Promotion since I did take the time to write these tips out. I will continue to tweet my screenshots, but not sure if I will make more videos as they are really time consuming, but welcome those that what to following me on Twitter or subscribe to my channel. You are trying to reach the maximum amount of population and then leave the city, never to return again. Since this is the goal, gift all your money to neighboring city before you leave as you will not need that money any longer.

This will allow you to have extra money for roads. You can add these services to your own city later as it starts to grow.The game objective is simple, and endless: the larger your city gets, the more needs your citizens have. Having spent almost a month with the game, here are some tricks and hacks that could probably help you if you are getting your hands in the game:. With factories, you can make raw materials, which can then be used to build houses and make more expensive products.

simcity buildit max population layout

These are in turn sold to earn income simoleons. Basic factories come with two production slots; you can upgrade these slots by using in-game credits. With more production slots, you save more time in the long run, and produce more than your storage capacity can store.

I find that 5 production slots are perfect for me. As with each building, you start off with two production slots. Furniture stores and gardening supplies can make do with the default two production slots. You will then be required to repair the building, and in return, Dr Vu will reward you with golden keys which let you unlock specialised buildings.

Personally, I think Vu Tower is a complete waste of resources, and the cost of upgrading it is just too high. You can always earn golden keys through cargo shipments, which come once every 5 hours.

Golden keys are important in the game for you to unlock specialised buildings, which are used to boost your population multifold. Do keep a look out for the required cargo shipment products, and make sure you have them in your storage when they arrive so you can instantly complete shipments.

You want to make sure the shipment clock resets as fast as possible. If you do reach that stage, always aim for the ferris wheel, which is arguably one of the best population multipliers you can get.

When you build services for your citizens, whenever you can, opt for the more expensive option. It is tempting to get the cheaper ones, but as the game proceeds and land area becomes scarce, you will find yourself hoping that you purchased the more expensive options. One of the biggest complaints gamers have with SimCity BuildIt is that tax rates do not increase in direct proportion with population size.

Taxation is important because the more citizens you have, the more tax you collect, and the more buildings you can purchase. So do not be obsessed with trying to build more residential buildings to get more citizens. One final tip: you should always keep a lookout for road congestions.

I always upgrade them when they turn yellow; this makes sure they are still relatively affordable. Roads with heavy traffic jams are more expensive to upgrade, and by that stage, your citizens will abandon some buildings, thereby reducing your population.

So there you have it, some tips for all of you looking at exploring SimCity BuiltIt. Type and hit enter to search Search. Image Credit: toucharcade.January Who has the largest city you have seen? Thats crazy. The only way I have been growing my population at this point is by tearing down regular skyscrapers and building Tokyo and London zones. The French zones don't seem to be enough of an upgrade to waste my time continuing to build them.

April I'd suggest you to buy luxury beach marinas for beach specialization, they boosts lots of populations. I've seen a lot of people doing this. Load the beach up with Marinas, but I do not believe that the Marinas yield the highest available population boost. I believe you can get even more out of it by using piers instead of Marinas. Take a look at a couple pics from my own city. For the exact same space, 4 Piers combined are yielding population boost.

In the exact same place, 1 Marina only yields Piers are 22 keys, Marinas are 50 keys. It looks to me that the highest yielding population boost as well as a faster and cheaper way of getting it would be to use piers instead of Marinas. I've noticed this in other areas too. Size, location and how many can produce an overlapping result all play a part. The highest percentage does not always produce the highest boost. Exactly, being somewhat of a Specialization freak you can't take anything for granted.

The raw numbers don't tell the whole story two features with the same area of influence AOI and same boost values may provide different population boosts.

Specialization Line overlap also seems to also play a factor the greatest boost seems to occur in buildings that aren't serviced by a particular line and impact drops incrementally for each Specialty building of the same line after that.

This is why some times a slight shift in position can make a huge impact on actual results. If you see a saw toothed edge on opposite sides of the green AOI overlay when placing or selecting a Specialty you know you have squeezed every bit of impact out of that building. Actually if if population boost is what you are after there are numerous better options than any Beach feature for 50 keys the Marina is terribly expensive for what it offers.

I can get 4 Luxurt Casino Towers for that, a small 4x4 footprint andpopulation boost and only 12 keys a piece. What the Beach offers lower level players is an easier way to Epic Projects since most features are at least 2 Epic points but a population booster it is not which is why my Beach is all but undeveloped.

I have short-term goals and long-term goals personally. Short term, Specialization placement that allows for cheetah epic across all of the Specializations. That's actually the easy part, but will take time to earn enough keys to do it. Long term on the other hand. The only one I have that for right now is Parks.Zone density and building wealth are the main factors that lead to tall skylines and massive populations.

The secret to achieving a high density in your zones is to understand a simple concept: zone density is, in effect, your Sims' happiness. While wealth is related, it's a slightly different and more direct concept, as we'll discuss shortly.

In regards to density, Sims' happiness isn't simply a factor, or part of the calculation: zones upgrade when the residents for residential zones or workers for commercial and industrial zones are happier and their needs are satisfied. Zones degrade or become abandoned when the residents or workers are sadder. Ergo, to have the highest populations and earn some of those achievementsyou need to make your people as happy as possible.

While a given zone's maximum density is tied to the type of road the front door faces, its current density is purely based on how successful you're running the city and how happy they are being there. Note that wealth and density are not directly related: you can have low-wealth high-density buildings, and high-wealth low-density buildings, all depending on other factors in your city. We'll cover those below.

SimCity Buildit Layout Level 16 - 24

Low density is the first one when you start a city. They require dirt roads or low density streets to be built. Medium density is the second density. You need medium density avenues or medium density streets to be built. High density is the highest density possible to achieve. You need the best roads possible, high density streets or high density avenues. Happiness is an indicator of the Sims' basic needs: powerwatersewage solutions, and one more factor major factor based on what kind of zone it is Residential zones need jobs and places to spend their money i.

Commercial zones need nearby residents to buy their goods of the matching wealth level. Industrial zones need workers and a place to ship their goods. As you can infer, the three zone types are heavily related, which is what makes the RCI Meter so important.

Wealth meanwhile is a measure of the desirability of the area, which means that the extras are taken care of.

simcity buildit max population layout

That means all the civic services policefire safetywaste disposalhealthcareand educationplus a high land value due. You can trigger a high land value by placing parks near zones, or by having good views; beach-side property or places on a high cliff tend to be more valuable than the middle of a featureless plain. With all else being equal, if you want higher profits, you'll want to increase density before wealth.

That's generally the order of events anyway, because it's much cheaper for you to maximize needs and simply ignore civil services at first when starting a new city. Of course, maximum profits come when you increase density and wealth, but it's difficult to do so at once, especially with a new city in an unestablished region. For commercial zones, they require shoppers to buy their goods. Hotels may sprout in commercial zones, and they'll need tourists or other visitors to stay as guests. Residents don't like driving very far to use commercial zones.

If a residential zone's pressing issue is "Where is the shopping in this town? You may want to consider dezoning a residential neighborhood and converting it to a commercial block if nearby residents are upset. You'll lose some income, but you'll keep the other houses nearby happier, and encourage their density to upgrade.

For industrial zones, the zone's tech level takes the place of wealth. Its effects operate the same as the other zones' wealth levels, in that it increases profits.April As a theoretical layout, it looks interesting.

With that many Tokyo Town residential zones, it will take a long time to build, of course! If this helps resolve your issue, please click accept solution as this may help others with the same issue to find a resolution as well. XP is appreciated but not required. March I guesss the site has been closed or nobody working for that is it true? Because I wanna see new layouts and can not find any other place updated.

Any ideas for that? I don't have a layout guide, I do have a city anyone can see. I am almost to the 5 million mark which is probably going to be my max until more land opens up. I tear down regular skyscrapers and Parisian skyscrapers to build London, Tokyo, and epic buildings and my service needs continue to rise.

I have 7 nuke power plants and random windmills in my city with no real place to put any more services. I set my city up to minimize the amount of land taken up by roads. If you want the most growth there are really only two ways to run your roads. The horizontal or vertical methods will both work but if they open up another expansion like they did for the last one, the land to the right opposite side of the grid from the airportthen the best road layout is like I have mine now.

As they add more area, you will use 50 grid cubes for roads compared to 52 grid cubes for roads that will cover the same amount of your map. Sorry if I my explanation is a little confusing. November This widget could not be displayed.

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Feeder City Guide In SimCity BuildIt – Why & How?!

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Efficient layout for the in progress player by rsgreenway. Zombies Heroes Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs. Zombies Games Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. Efficient layout for the in progress player.Those are additional cities that will support you with exactly that.

SimCity BuildIt Best Layouts

The higher you get with your city in SimCity BuildIt, the harder it will get to gather additional items to expand your map. In lower cities you will find more of these items and you can use them in your main city. Also, if you need to produce basic items like nails, planks or hammers you will have a problem with your maximum storage capacity and this will slow down your progress a lot.

Please keep in mind that you will need to set up an extra GameCenter, Google Play or Facebook account to make this work! Also make sure that you find your other account and send a friend request so your feeder city will be connected to your main city. This is a lot easier if you ask me.

simcity buildit max population layout

Simply create a new Facebook account with a fresh email address and enter some basic info like a picture and personal info Facebook will shut down fresh accounts if they look like not being a human account. Now you will send your main Facebook account that you have connected SimCity BuildIt to a friend request that you accept. If you want to build your feeder city right there are some things that you will need to mind, otherwise it might get less effective.

Selling the items for a high price to prevent anyone else is buying them also has another benefit — you will have plenty of simoleons in your feeder city that you can use to buy land expansion items and other items you need in your main city in the global trade HQ in your feeder city.

Because you stay below Level 9, you will see them there more frequently than you do in your main city. I have now 5 feeder cities that I operate and when I think back I think it might have taken months more to get to the point that I reached now with my main city or I would have had to spend a lot of money for it, so even if this might sound like an annoying thing to do in the beginning, the feeder city strategy will help you out a lot.

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