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Monday night raw ratings history

Monday Night Raw had quite a bit of competition last night.

Checking in on WWE’s ratings over the last month

Raw reportedly averaged 2. Since WrestleMania season has ended, the company has struggled to break the 3 million mark. There nothing wrong with the WWE it just internet people yourself wants to think so. Raw was still the 1 entertainment show on cable for the night. If the show is so great, you DVR everything else and watch Raw live. No one wants to see Reigns on top. No one wants to see Chad Gable vs the Ascension for the third straight week, he should be on to someone new.

No one wants to see Baron Corbin, the self proclaimed Lone Wolf, as a corporate stooge. No one wants to see Braun as a heel. No one wants to see Lashley, unfortunately.

No one wants to see Nia. Outside of the Revival vs Drew and Ziggler match, this show was a total failure that was totally skipable. There is nothing wrong with the WWE and Raw the thing the internet miss is not everybody has to watch Raw or Smackdown on Monday or Tuesday night anymore.

I watch it on Hulu anytime I want that is what has been happening. By Greg Bush - September 25, Nicholas Giambattista. Keith Learmonth. Ratings mean almost nothing in Whistling Joe. Sparti Love.The only thing left at that point was to announce it to the wrestling masses on live television. That was taken care of on this day in wrestling history, March 26,when WCW Monday Nitro aired its final episode.

It would return with The Big Bange in May. The entire show was off from that point on, as the wrestlers and commentators were obviously bothered and knew they were appearing together for the final time. It was only fitting as they opened the very first Nitro. It was terrible. I wrestled in a T-shirt because I was so ashamed of my physique. Sting had a bad shoulder, and some limitations because of it. Here were two guys who had sold out arenas all over the world.

He set me up on the top rope and delivered a superplex, then turned me over and put me in his Scorpion Death Lock. I shook my head from side to side, unwilling to submit, then suddenly began nodding, and the bell rang. Sting definitely carried his end of the match. Nitro ended just like it started with me losing to my friend Steve Borden. He helped me to my feet and embraced me. Pretending to be injured by his finisher, I fell back down, but reached up to him. He took my hand, and we hugged again and that was sincere.

March 25, also marked the final Raw of the Monday Night Wars. This day in wrestling history would also mark the th consecutive week that Raw beat Nitro in the ratings, a streak that started back in November This kicked off the beginning of the much-maligned Invasion storyline. A child of the s, CP was born to pretend.

He loved to create intricate plots based on his favorite shows and professional wrestling. In time, his interests expanded into horror, sci-fi, action, and comedy. Never one to do things the easy way, CP refused to learn to read in school, so his dad taught him through comic books.

monday night raw ratings history

Following along with his dad, CP picked up reading in a couple of weeks.The Raw after WrestleMania last night did 2. After three straight WWE TV shows did strong ratings after pulling out of tapings with crowds, the string ended last night. At least for this week, whether it was people needing entertainment or a combination of airing the Royal Rumble and having Steve Austin, Undertaker, and Edge on the show, a Raw almost devoid of first-run wrestling did 2.

Raw last night set a couple of new lows, but also had one of the best ratings patterns in a long time. The good news is the audience actually rose slightly in the second hour, and the third hour fall wasn't bad, with only a six percent first-to-third hour drop. Raw increased eight percent from last week's low level with a show that did the best job of keeping the audience in a long time.

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WWE News: Raw draws lowest ratings in program's history

There was both good and bad news for Raw last night when it comes to the ratings. WWE Raw ratings: 2. Raw last night was up two percent from last week with 2. Need technical or billing help?You can follow him on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

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All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Any copyright infringement is unintentional.While the ratings now are not what they used to be, Raw was, at one time, the most-watched show on cable TV, week in and week out.

Monday Night Raw draws worst rating in history

This was especially true during the Attitude Era. The Corporation and the Ministry of Darkness had been feuding for a while. On this episode of Raw, the Ministry finally revealed who the Higher Power was and it turned out to be Mr. McMahon himself, combining the factions into the Ministry of Darkness.

With the McMahon family back in power and Austin an underdog again, a lot of fans tuned in to see what was going to happen next.

monday night raw ratings history

The episode opened with Shane firing Austin, but Stone Cold showed up with a new contract voiding that decree. This episode of Monday Night Raw remains known for one massive reason -- and as with much of the Attitude Era, it had little to nothing to do with the wrestling action. This episode was where Mankind wanted to show The Rock how good of a friend he is and called him out to the ring. This kind of angle would get destroyed by wrestling fans today, but the fans in loved it and ate up every second of the segment.

There was a world title match between Triple H and The Rock, but it ended in a brawl, like almost every other match on the show. In that main event, The Rock successfully defended his title against Chris Benoit and left as the champion. The episode started with Mick Foley coming to the ring as the general manager and making the matches for the night.

The main event saw Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs. Kane and The Rock, which ended in a no-decision like too many matches of that era. There was also a Big Show swerve that started a feud with Undertaker on this episode. This episode of Monday Night Raw is the go-home show before Backlash. This Raw should have led into those matches.

The rating was over a seven, as fans watched Big Show help Rikishi stink face Angle before the two giants danced. This episode of Monday Night Raw had a lot of weak matches, but it was the storyline that ended the episode that made this Raw one to remember. Triple H was the only one who was smart enough to be careful. Then, when it came the time, Triple H and The Rock met in the ring and The Rock put him through the announcer's table. This Raw was all about The Rock's story, and it was paced perfectly.

The episode the week before was ranked seventh on this list, and this one was even bigger. McMahon could not appear on television any more, while Triple H won the number one contender spot by defeating The Rock.

The follow up to these two matches brought in a ton of fans. This episode opened with Big Show and Undertaker becoming partners and beating Kane. For the fans, Austin kicked McMahon out, and they all sang, "Hey hey hey, goodbye.

Hart was working as the Blue Blazer and his gimmick was that he was a superhero. He was going to rappel down to the ring on a wire, but it snapped and he fell to his death.

Monday Night Wars

The wrestlers received the chance to work or not. Those who did so wrestled in memory of Owen, with no angles and no storylines. In between matches, the wrestlers talked about their memories of Owen. WCW fans tuned out and it ended up with a 2.Twenty-five years ago, the very first episode of Monday Night Raw was broadcast on television.

While sports entertainment was already a huge industry bymost shows were pre-recorded, showing highlights from matches that happened days or weeks earlier. And you had Hulk Hogan at some point. I think the characters became more believable, more relatable.

10 Highest Rated WWE Raw Episodes in History

And we played off each other really well. We pushed each other. There was a definite competition among each other, and we all seemed to bring out the best in one another. So it was a competition and a camaraderie, and I think it was more the chemistry of those top five or six guys than any one word. I was able to stretch my character a little bit better. You know, it was just a lot of fun. Instead of helping WCW, the plan backfired spectacularly, asviewers changed the channel to see Mankind finally get his due after years of being the underdog.

I saw myself as a guy who set up people for title runs, not as a guy who got one. So it was highly unexpected, and it was just something that our fans really embraced, and kind of took on an added importance when WCW gave away the outcome to our show.

And instead of staying away from WWE programming that night, people flocked to it. Overnight, my image changed, among wrestling fans to some degree, but changed dramatically within the business, as to what my importance was as a performer. This Olympic gold medalist talks wrestling with WWE legends and his own demons. And I think they underestimated how much stock the wrestling fans put into the hard work that I had put into the business for a long time.

I think it really meant something to people to see that hard work being rewarded. The era also highlighted a number of technical performers, including Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, and perhaps most famously Brock Lesnar, the now-current Universal Champion. I really enjoyed the [breadth] of my athletic ability in that era. Banks makes it clear that she wanted to change the division from the very beginning. They were still doing bikini matches and I remember just being so terrified [about them.

I had all my receipts and I returned those bathing suits right back. Is it fire on every single cylinder yet?The WWE's flagship show has struggled since WrestleMania season, with Raw having a hard time breaking 3 million viewers each week. With a lot of competition last night, including a Monday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raw drew its worst rating in the program's history. However, since then, Raw has had a hard time breaking through that ceiling.

In fact, since May 7th, the post Backlash show, Raw has only broken 3 million once. On August 20th, the Raw after SummerSlam drew 3. Sadly, none of that seemed to tear any eyes away from the rest of the Monday night lineup.

monday night raw ratings history

Monday Night Raw drew its lowest rating in the show's history on September 24th, drawing 2. While a surprise appearance by Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell helped keep ratings up last week, there wasn't much going on this week in terms of surprises. Regardless of the story, a predictable show will have a hard time drawing a large audience, especially one that lasts three hours.

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monday night raw ratings history