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Facebook page data extractor

Step 1. Download Octoparse and install it. Register a new account at www. Step 2. Step 3. Complete basic information.

Step 4. Design Workflow to configure the extraction rule.

facebook page data extractor

You can check your configuration rule in Workflow Designer here if something goes wrong. Step 5: Sign in your account in the build-in browser. Step 6. Click the group which you want to extract data from. Check out Workflow Designer. Step 7. Step 8. Create a list of items. So we need to get into this link by creating a list of items. Click on the first detail link. Click "loop" to process the list.

Step 9. Now we get into the detail page. Step Extract data. Now we are done configuring extraction rule. You can choose not to load images to speed up the extraction. But sometimes may cause problems on certain websites.Facebook is 1 social media websites worldwide you can get almost every person from whole world extract data from groups, pages, post and much more using Facebook data extractor best tool to automate your lead generation campaign. Great Fetured of facebook data extractor you can extract data from facebook groups, pages, post like businesses name, address, direct connect number, other updated phone number and website.

Facebook Data Extractor is a great automated software that help you to get the facebook public groups, profile information, fan pages, like pages, user email and phone number facebook website. Facebook is the most popular social networking website wordlwide. This is a updated software and helps individuals in automate the task of collecting data from facebook in single click. Send Unlimited WhatsApp Msg in just single click.

You can extract unlimited data from justdial without any limit. Extract data from Indiamart business listing website in just single click.

Google Map Extract Unlimited Data from local listing. Extract data from connections like email address and much more. Scrape data of tradeindia listing in just single click in csv file.

Facebook Data Extractor Table of Contents. Facebook Data Extractor Software Feature. How Software Works Demo Video. Fb Extractor Price.

Regular Price Rs. Now Rs. Phone Number. Payment Alert! Updated Facebook Data Scraper Software. Our Trending Data Extractor Software. WhatsApp Bulk Sender. Read More. Justdial Data Extractor.

Facebook Data Extractor

Indiamart Data Extractor. Google Map Extractor. LinkedIn Data Extractor. Tradeindia data Extractor. Disclaimer: Names and logos used are property of their respective owners. These tools are for personal use only and developed to save time for people in collecting data which is already available publicly to them.

The end user must be aware with the website's terms of use or whichever policy applicable. We cannot held responsible for any misuse of this software. All Software are developed by Data Engine, we are Resller only. So when you are paying for any software you are accepting these term and we are not liable for any refund.In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily scrape any public Facebook Page or Group posts and comments to Excel spreadsheet using Facebook scraper tool ready-made Python Scripts.

No programming background is required but might be helpful. Just follow the easy steps.

facebook page data extractor

In a hurry? Since we will be using Python scripts to extract data from the Facebook page then we need to install Python interpreter to execute them. I will cover the installation in brief. If you have Python already installed on your system you can skip this step. You will need to fill in the access token so that the scripts are authenticated to extract data through the API.

You get the access token by visiting Facebook Graph Explorer ,then sign in with your Facebook account any. Get the access token as shown in the image below and save it somewhere as we will need it in later steps. Normally the access token is valid for 2 hours before it can expire. Click this link and follow the wizard. You can get a correct page name from the URL of the page as shown in the image below and save it somewhere as we will need the name later to scrape Facebook Page posts.

How to Scrape Facebook Page Posts Data to Excel (Spy Competitor)

Copy the number and save it somewhere. Download posts. Put the script inside a folder. This is the same folder which the script will save the Excel spreadsheet after scraping. Now the interesting part is to run the script make sure the access token and Facebook page name or Group ID are with you as they will be the inputs for the scripts. On the Windows PowerShell and Terminal program type python posts. The script will start running and it will ask you to paste the Facebook Page ID.

Then it will ask you to paste the access token. Make sure not to paste any extra whitespace as it might cause some error. It took only 5 minutes to scrape posts statuses as shown below:. When the script finishes running it will give you a final report showing how many statuses were processed and how much time it took.

The Statuses will be saved in the folder where your script resides as a CSV file.Facebook Data Extractor is the innovative tool that is been used to capture hidden information from your Facebook. The information that Facebook Data Extractor can extract for you includes Phone numbers, websites linked, business name, Emails and more.

It is developed to extract data in graph API. Simply its mean that you can extract Facebook Information even from the fan pages of individuals. You will be able to extract all sort of information like Addresses, city, Company terms and conditions and linked social media profiles. WithFacebook Data Extractor you can search everything like the keyword search such as travel company, Person surname with in any location, city or country. Even the advance version can extract the data via zip codes means that the profiles in your radius.

Facebook Data Extractor will highly recommend you to target the leads for promoting self to increase maximum sales from today. Facebook Data Extractor is observed as the must to have tool for all experts of social media marketers.

When drawing its image, there are many features like extract data from FB Page to Page via synchronizing, Group Keywords and may more to discover with the passage of time. One can transfer even the Software licenses from one PC to another. Providing best Facebook Data Extractor in the market throughout. For E-business Facebook Data Extractor is a very significant tool that synchronize itself with facebook and blend it into any Facebook business without any effort. It is fully completed automatic operational tool.

It has been reported as the gorgeous tool that can scraps the information within few seconds. User can be eligible to access lifetime updates to access full features.

Additionally, it can work with proxy settings. Advancement to Get over unlimited Facebook Traffic you want. This includes FREE access to our new updated contents everyday. Related Articles.

Pixleads Pro v4.Are you social marketer and you want to get deep insights of your competitor or page related to your niche? However, the problem is that you are not a programmer?! Well, we got you covered. This is it, put in this format App ID App Secretand it is your never expiring access token and can be used to scrape facebook page data anytime.

Note: You must enter your access token, above is just an example, and you get Page ID like shown in the screenshot. Unfortunately, if you enter this URL into your browser as it is, it will bring an error.

As you have received CSV file, now you can sort which posts received the most likes in descending order. The same procedure can be repeated for the Comments and Shares.

Note : A free trial account will enable you to try all the packages for 14 days without a credit card. With all this above knowledge, you are about to get very deep insights of your competitor, and this might help you in your marketing.

Tips and Tricks. Check if your phones getting Android 8. How to tag mention all Facebook friends at once in Follow us on Instagram techunboxin. We are small group right now of Tech-Nerds and explorer of the latest or oldest tech and gadgets that has or ever will land on the Tech Arena! Get updated and alerted for upcoming events and giveaways!

facebook page data extractor

Tamilrasigan Contact us: contact techunboxin. April 8, December 29, In a hurry? Following the tutorial you will be able to scrape the following data from your competitor Facebook page posts to Excel:.

This is a must do step! You will need to login using your private Facebook account. You will see the access token see the red rectangular box below already generated for you. Copy and paste it to store safely somewhere because we will need it in the later steps. The above-generated token normally expires after 2 hours and you can always get a new one by clicking Get Token. You must create a Facebook for Developers account to be able to create an access token which never expires. Click this link and follow the wizard.

For example, this is my never expiring access token a5axxxxxxxxxxxx.

Facebook Data Extractor Software (English)

Facebook assigns unique IDs to every Facebook fan page. In this step, we will get the Facebook unique ID of our competitor Facebook fan page. Diamond Platnumz is a famous musician from Tanzania. So the URL I entered on the browser is like this one below. After that, you will get an XML format document like the one below. The ID we are looking for is at the top see the red rectangular box along with all of the other details of the page.

Copy and save this ID somewhere because we will need it for the later steps. Now let us pull raw data from our competitor Facebook page. Make sure you completed Step 1 and 2 above.

We will need to use the following URL to get all the data. The query will return data in chronological order. This query will return rows of posts if they do exist.

facebook page data extractor

If the page has more than posts then there will be pagination at the bottom of the results page allowing you to retrieve next set of data. The brackets will be replaced as follows by the information we collected from previous steps such as Fan page ID and access token. The URL I entered on the browser is like this one below with all the fields filled in but since the access-token is so long it is not shown here in full.

If everything is correct the browser will return a JSON response which looks like the window below. Please observe the pagination at the bottom of the page as we will refer to it in step 4 for retrieving more data. The previous query will return data in chronological order. What if you want to scrape data between specific dates?Facebook is the biggest social network of our times, containing a lot of valuable data that can be useful in so many cases.

In this tutorial, you are going to use Python to extract data from any Facebook profile or page. The data that you will be extracting from a predefined amount of posts is:. Remember to install these packages on a Python Virtual Environment for this project alone, it is a better practice. Important: In this tutorial, you will be scraping and crawling the mobile version of Facebook since it will allow you to extract the needed data with simple requests.

How to use Facebook Graph API and extract data using Python!

First of all you need to take into account what the script will be exactly doingthe script will:. To make the login you will need to inspect the Facebook main page mobile. If our response is OK is because you have logged in successfully, else you wait a little and try again.

Once you are logged in, you need to crawl the Facebook profile or page URL in order to extract its public posts.

After that you extract the post media URL. Facebook posts contains either images or video or even it could be only text:. After this you select all the HTML elements that contain the comments.

You need to do a second click on any comment, you will see that each comment is inside a div with a digit ID:. If you cannot find elements, that means that there are not elements. Inside this loop you are going to extract the comment text, looking for the HTML element that contains the text, as in the text of the post, you need to find all the elements that contains strings and add each string to a list:.

After you got this data you need the profile name and profile URL, these you can find as follows:. Once you have all the data you can get from a comment, you add that data to the list of comments.

How to extract Facebook hidden phone numbers and email addresses using termux? - OSIF

The loop that is extracting the comments will stop if it cannot find any more comments and the loop extracting the posts data will stop after it reach the post limit that you have given it. This may seem like a simple script, but it has its trick to master; you need to have experience with different subjects like: Regular expressions, requests and BeautifulSoup.

We hope you have learn more about scraping in this post, as a practice you can try to extract the same data using different selectors or even extract the amount of reactions that a post have. Skip to content Facebook is the biggest social network of our times, containing a lot of valuable data that can be useful in so many cases.

Tutorial Contents. Extracts credentials for the login and all of the profiles URL to scrape. Here we populate the OrderedDict object. Oswaldo Alcala. I like maths, coding and problem solving! Rate this item: 1. Please wait Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Want to learn more?

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